Citrus Lane Review #2 – October 2014

I got my second box from Citrus Lane around mid-October (technically third box, but I’m counting it as second because the last 2 were both September Boxes).  Remember last time I thought the boxes were mediocre at best, especially the first box they sent me, and it was only somewhat redeemed by their customer service.  This time I was pleasantly surprised by everything in the box, and was generally much happier.  Still not completely sold on the box, and not sure whether or not I am going to keep the box past when my promo boxes end…we shall see.

Anyways, if you are new to my blog or Citrus Lane, you can read my original post here.  Citrus Lane is a box for kids 0-5 years old.  You enter your child’s age and gender, and every month they send you age appropriate toys, clothing, etc for your child.  Citrus Lane usually costs $29.00/month, with lower prices (as low as $19.00/month with longer subscription plans).  I have found, however, that if I am willing to wait, I can find much better deals on them with coupon codes.  Again all of the citrus lane links are referral links…but why not?

So on to the review!  This box is for an 18 month old girl.

First look at the box:


Citrus Lane always includes s small paper detailing the items in the box (the yellow and white striped card).  First impressions – I see several full-sized toys and no fillers, so I was pretty happy right off the bat.  V was waiting on the sidelines trying to grab things out of the box and start playing!

#1.  Ooh La Leggies Cupcake Heart Ruffles Leg Warmers – $10.00

IMG_1769 IMG_1759

So I originally thought these were kind of weird.  I opened them up expecting tights, but they are definitely not.  They are long tubes that have elastic at the top to cling above the knee, and ruffled decoration around the ankle.  Worn under dresses or skirts they look like fancy leggings.  However, V thinks these things are the most fun things ever.  She already loves socks and shoes (trying on shoes is one of her favorite past times and “socks” was her first word) so these were right up her alley.  In fact, after receiving these, she did not want to take them off for 2 days.  I still frequently come home from work and find her running around in just a diaper and these leg warmers.  So although they are a little weird they are definitely a hit in our house.  And they are pretty cute…

#2.  Hohner’s Kids Maracitos – $9.25 (Amazon Price)


We could hear these bad boys before we even opened the box.  We knew there was something noisy inside.  This was actually the only picture I have that did not have V’s hand in it, trying to take these away.  Out of the entire box, this has been the biggest hit.  They actually are not terribly annoying, as they have a fairly mellow sound, and V loves to give one to either Mark or myself and have us shake them together.  Overall win!  And the size is just perfect for her little hands.

#3.  Janod Story City Pink Car – $5.95


#4.  Janod Story City Taxi – $5.95

IMG_1764 IMG_1770

These toys are pretty cute, and V does like to play with cars.  I feel like moms might like them more than kids, because they are very simple and not that easy to push around.  V  has played with these a little bit but so far they do not hold her interest like the other toys do.  Maybe I will put them up for a month and see if they are more interesting next month.

Verdict:  I liked this box MUCH more than the last month.  It’s really like Citrus Lane could read my mind…or I guess maybe my blog?  Haha, you never know!  I was much happier with 4 similarly priced quality toys, rather than 1 really big item with a few fillers.  Keep it up, Citrus Lane!  Again, I’m still not convinced I’m going to renew this subscription, because it seems like a lot of money to risk when I so far have been neutral on the boxes.

Value:  $31.85 total.  Normal box cost: up to $29.99/month.  Not a super value, although with this box I did feel like I got my moneys worth (of course I only paid $15.00).  Not sure I would have been as happy with it if I had paid full price.

Any of you guys subscribe to Citrus Lane?  How did you like your boxes?  Let me know!


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